Tuesday, 6 November 2018

CatMap looks at what our pets have been up to .. Angel is a busy girl.

The cats have had a busy six months. Some are very adventurous... and may need some Health and Safety advice!
  • Don't cross roads !!
  • Stay home by a nice bowl of bikkies
  • Keep close to cuddles
Angel is a home-girl by day, but visits many neighbours at night. What is she doing crossing the main road? See her wonderful video here.  Angel July 2018  
Has Angel changed her pattern of walks during winter and summer? 

  • 2017 November, daytime (spring), Angel is walking far and wide.

2017 November night time
  • 2017 November night time (spring)


  •   2018 June - winter day time. A bit chilly?

  • 2018 June - winter night time, just traveling around the edges of the paddock

  • 2018 July - later winter day time, focus on some interesting places along the road. A few favourite spots are beginning to be seen. Angel has a bell on her collar. 

  •  2018 July - later winter night time, a bell on Angel, but a visiting dog may be worrying her at home.
  • All day time places combined. Does Angel have a favourite place?

  • All night-time time places combined. Home seems best, but you can see other interesting places to visit. And she crosses the main road several times in the dark.
  • A glow-collar experiment. Did Angel behave differently? Day time

  •  Night time ... Angel seems to go further in warmer weather - even with a glow collar. And she is crossing the main road at night

  •  Angel's tracks show her favourite places. What are they?