Monday, 28 September 2015

Photo libraries for maps

We are pleased to release a system which allows any project with images to show them in a gallery alongside the map. If you know the direction in which the shot was taken - it will show up as an arrow. This information is really handy for seeing the effects of land use change - you can see the plants grow in a restoration project! Or compare historic photos of a place - such as those in well-loved Pukekura Park in New Plymouth. These images are from the digital library - the "Kete". This project fulfils our aim - started 8 years ago - to draw all sorts of data about a place into one mapping application.The GIS can select the age of trees, the species and any other important information like planting date.

Now you really can save your data once, and use it in many ways. The map-owner who has editing rights can add images by a link to the library which they are in - or remove them, should they change. This could be a useful application for other kinds of projects - perhaps showing where hazards exist. Or to indicate historic sites and buildings.

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